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Eugen Tomac, DURING the reaction after the Kremlin has moved to the Black Sea – Source News

PMP leader Eugen Tomac wondered on Friday after Russia placed nuclear missile systems on the Black Sea if a series of events are ultimately simply coincidences or a Liviu Dragnea plan.

"Trample or just stupid stupidity?" The information seems that Russia would have installed nuclear missiles on the Black Sea coast near Ukraine.Meanwhile, the puppet government of Dragnea is blocking the purchase of corvettes to equip the Navy , substantially disregarding the commitment made to the NATO partners (under pressure from the United States) to grant 2% of the GDP of the defense.The executive also challenges the extension of the mandate of the Chief of Staff of the Romanian armed forces, decreasing it and sending a disastrous signal to the MApN staff, "wrote Eugen Tomac on Facebook.

"At the same time, PSD – ALDE generated a major energy crisis, Romania imported large quantities of Russian gas sold by Gazprom, coal over the buck, the finance minister, who pleaded guilty to the fake fall of the Bucharest Stock Exchange , makes a stopover in December in Moscow.The president of the RCC, Valer Dorneanu, attends a ceremony in Moscow of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation, followed by controversial decisions in Bucharest.These are all these simple coincidences, or there is a plan concerted by Dragnea for Romania that will be transferred to the sphere of influence in Moscow? "The PMP leader added.

"PS Good luck with President Basescu, because if we were behind the PSD, we still did not have the Deveselu screen.It was 10 minutes smarter than this toxic matrix installed in the last years at the top of the state," concluded Tomac.

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