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Ethos users can now directly purchase Crypto using their universal wallet

Ethos is basically the cryptocurrency storage and tracking platform that operates on the blockchain. Recently, it declares its partnership with Simplex to allow and embrace encrypted purchasing functionality through its Universal Portfolio.

As per announcement, this last feature was introduced with Universal Wallet with v1.6 update. In addition, it allows customers to buy Bitcoin along with other different altcoins now via credit and debit cards. In addition, the CEO and founder of Ethos, Shingo Lavine mentions:

Ethos is excited to offer a wide range of dynamic features for consumers. Universal Wallet will become the most accessible way for people to safely interact with cryptocurrencies using innovative services like Simplex.

Currently, Simplex's functionality supports direct purchases from a credit card for the main cryptocurrencies like Ripple XRP, Ethereum ETH, Bitcoin BTC, Bitcoin Cash BCH and Litecoin LTC. Simplex CEO, Nimrod Lehavi says:

While Ethos expands its service offering, Simplex is proud to play a pivotal role in providing a smooth and simple conversion between fiat and cryptocurrencies while ensuring that transactions are completely fraudulent. We are able to achieve this with our advanced AI learning algorithms and extensive experience as security experts.

The company Ethos has also added TrueUSD (TUSD) to its listing, which looks like a stablecoin independent of the exchange already supported 1 for 1 with USD.

How can you directly start the cryptocurrency purchase with Simplex in your Universal Portfolio? Let's go into the details!

  • Initially, the user must download the wallet directly from iTunes or via the Google Play App-Store
  • Then create an account, on the platform confirm the email address and finally create the initial SmartWallet.
  • Click on the "Buy Crypto" button to link the payment details. A user must complete the account registration process.
  • End your purchase therefore, your encryption will show approval of payment in your universal wallet.

What do you think of Ethos users who buy crypto using the universal wallet? Share your thoughts on ours chirping and Facebook pages.

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