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Ethiopia orders a military reprisal offensive against al-Shabab's ambush

Ethiopian troops _ Somalia _ Photo AFP
Photo credit: AFP

January 19,2019

Ethiopia ordered a military reprisal ambush against militant Al-Shabab in Somalia on Saturday, according to what was reported today by Etiopian Reporter quoting the statement sent by the Ministry of Defense.

The decision came the day after the Ethiopian peacekeeping convoy fell into an ambush in neighboring Somalia by the militant Islamic group.

The Ethiopian Defense Force confirmed Saturday's ambush, but did not reveal the number of cases.

Social media sources say that Al-Shabab claimed that he killed fifty Ethiopian soldiers and took dozens of soldiers as prisoners. However, it is not confirmed by other sources.

A report by the Associated Press, citing the Africa Union Force declaration, said four Al-Shabab extremists were killed and many others were injured. As for the forces of the AU, four soldiers were wounded.

According to information from the Ministry of Defense, the convoy carrying Ethiopian troops was traveling from Buurhakaba to Baidoa when the militant group suddenly ambushed the convoy.

The ministry added "our troops have managed to defend themselves and the convoy has entered Baidoa". The military offensive of retaliation against Al-Shabab is of large proportions, indicates the statement of the Ethiopian Defense Force.

Ethiopian peacekeeping troops made a significant contribution to the weakening of Al-Shabab in Somalia.

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