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Ethereum's latest update: Popula makes history after providing memorized news on Ethereum (ETH) – ETH News Today

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According to reports, Popula,
the subscription news platform made history by offering its first news article completely filed on Ethereum (ETH)
Blockchain. At the beginning of the week, the director of Popula
Maria Bustillos announced the positioning
of a news article posted on their website is
now stored on Blockchain.

As per report, the article was first published in the magazine Death + Taxes before it was completely stored on Ether Blockchain. While it is hash it has been stored on IPFS. It is expected that the article will remain on the blockchain forever as long as the IPFS protocol and the Ethereum blockchain will continue to function.

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Civil Stored the Article on the Etheraum Blockchain for Popula

From the report, it was also inferred that the article was memorized on Blockchain with the help of
Civil engineers, a blockchain-based startup that has supported Popula since the beginning. Bustillos has cited that the
the idea had been in circulation six years ago with the goal of ensuring the
appropriate storage and storage of items.

According to
journalist, from the beginning working with Blockchain technology, was certain that technological innovation had the ability to start a true decentralization
global setting, offer immutable records and make sure of the integrity of

However, Bustillos also had to admit that he did not really know that technology could actually serve as a means of protecting or guaranteeing freedom of the press, inevitably allowing only the right people to have freedom of speech.

Popula's editor has provided examples of libraries that have been destroyed in the past, citing that the creative works preserved on the Blockchain will make it difficult to destroy or stain records. Furthermore, he confirmed that every article on Popula would be kept and stored on the Blockchain.

Is Wall Street leaving Crypto?

In other news, Wall Street is said to be moving silently out of the cryptic space. While the digital asset market has been continually battered by reports of fraud and regulatory repression by the authorities, it has become hard to believe that there was a time when Wall Street was heating up to take advantage of the increase in digital resources.

Enormous names in the financial sector, including Goldman Sachs, Barclays Bank Plc and Fidelity Investments have all been affiliated with opening reports of divisions in digital currency. These speculations have sent ripples throughout the financial sector. Yet until today, nothing has changed about the plans of these players in space. In fact, there are reports that are set to exit the space.

How did you get to this?

As per report, there are two main reasons for the
gradual withdrawal of Wall Street from the cryptic space including the market
recession and lack of an adequate regulatory framework. The first
facilitator is simple. Last year he
it was horrible for encryption with at least $ 700 billion removed from the total value
of goods.

Companies based on cryptography have begun to feel the weight of the
bear market, with reductions, startups rising and even
producers of mining plants drowned every day with loss of profits make news. Regarding the issue of regulation, many
they cited that the continued lack of a single regulatory framework on digital
the activities will continue to discourage institutional investors from entering the sector.

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