Ethereum's co-founder believes that Ethereum Classic is "like Bitcoin in its beginnings"


Ethereum's co-founder believes that Ethereum Classic (ETC) is like Bitcoin in its early days

There is still a potential in the blockchain Ethereum forked two years

Creator of Cardano and co-founder of Ethereum, Charles Hoskinson, shared his reflections on the future of Ethereum Classic (ETC) last week, at the 2018 Ethereum Classic Summit held in Seoul, South Korea.

The Chief Executive Officer of Input Output (IOHK) has commented as ETC reminds him of the early days of Bitcoin, when the main development team was composed of only a few people working together in such harmony that growth was then agile, while governance was simpler and more efficient.

On the contrary, despite the numerous milestones reached by both Bitcoin and Ethereum and the development they have had in the last two years, they are struggling to maintain this phase because of constant disagreements, disputes and other problems that end up slowing down the their technological development, according to Hoskinson.

He also stressed the "great value" that the Ethereum Classic community has for the foreseeable future is that they (he and his company) have to change direction and acquire another roadmap, for the only one. Ethereum the following is suitable for their vision no more. "It will certainly be a fight forward, but we must be our guide," he said, referring to his involvement in the cryptocurrency ecosystem through IOHK and Cardano.

ETC moves forward with new announcements

Despite what some people might think of Ethereum Classic, especially when compared to its similar forking, its development is certainly moving forward in its phase, but with the certainty that the future has something good for the network should continue to be together and work in unison.

A couple of days ago, ETC announced the release of its dApps toolkit, called the Emerald Software Development Kit, thus achieving one of the results set in its roadmap for this year

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