Ethereum's blockchain is explored by Z-Pop to discover the next star K-Pop – The Korean-pop dream adopts the Ethereum blockchain – ETH / USD price today


An entertainment management group in South Korea is currently exploring the Ethereum blockchain (ETH) to discover the next pop talents in South Korea and gain global recognition. Z-POP Dream Project is trying to tap into blockchain technology in the hunt for talents of Korean folk music and has set a new standard in the popular music scene.

About Z-pop Dream

Z-pop Dream was founded in Seoul for the first time by a team of experts who create superstars of world popular Korean music such as Girl's Generation, PSY, WannaOne, EXO and BTS. The Korean entertainment platform aims to build a global entertainment platform to search for new and hidden stars of popular music, be recognized worldwide and create a universal economy in the $ 46 billion global music market.

The Platform Be Powered by KPOP Music Fans and Driven by ZPOP Coin

According to the managing director and founder of Z-pop Dream – Jun Kang, Z-pop Dream will be powered by the millions of fans of Korean music worldwide through the use of the digital currency of the company – ZPOP currency, which will be based on the Ethereum blockchain. ZPOP coin holders will be able to vote for their favorite stars in auditions and awards ceremonies with greater transparency.

The study also stated that, with the adoption of the Ethereum blockchain (ETH), the project makes voting transparent and reliable. The company also plans to create a "Star Creation" platform, which includes Z-POP Dream Audition and Star Academies in ten countries, including Vietnam, Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, India, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Malaysia , Thailand and the Philippines.

The Goal of the Project

Jun Kang states that the ultimate goal of the project is to build a new generation of global popular music stars through the power of fans, to enhance and standardize the way they play both for artists and fans alike to make their dreams come true.

To finance the project's infrastructure, the company said it would conduct an initial token offering next month. There will be a maximum limit of $ 100 million, a soft cap of $ 10 million and the total offer would be 4 billion ZPOP tokens.

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