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Ethereum up to 86% from its low level

As for Bitcoin, the bulls are convinced that the path of resistance for fear can be oriented towards the high, since the Bitcoin price has decided to remain above 4000. As long as the price keeps this level, the odds of a price in bitcoins they will fall below 3000- The marks are minimal and the odds that the price touches the 2500 level are negligible. The cryptocurrency which is the highest among the first three coins is Ethereum. It rose by 86% from the recent low of 81 formed on 7 December.

Looking at the Ethereum time table it is clear that the downward trend is clearly over and the bulls have taken control. This is because the price has broken the downtrend line shown in orange. Further evidence of the upward trend stems from the fact that the price is traded above the 50 and 100 day moving averages (50 days shown in green and 100 days in pink).

The RSI clearly shows an extreme overbought signal and this could only ensure that the bulls get some profit from the table.

Short-term support is shown by the green horizontal line

Short-term resistance is indicated by the red horizontal line


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