Ethereum suffers from an unintentional “split of the chain”, few third party services got stuck on a minority chain


According to a number of third-party infrastructure providers, the Ethereum blockchain suffered an unintended hard fork or chain split on Wednesday. Service providers Infura, Binance, and Blockchair have all reported issues with consensus at block height 11,234,873.

  • The cryptocurrency community discussed an unintended chain split that occurred on the Ethereum blockchain on Wednesday, November 11, 2020.
  • Three major third-party service providers Infra, Binance, and Blockchair all reported problems with Ethereum at around 5am (EST).
  • On Wednesday morning, several cryptocurrency community members and Ethereum supporters complained about network problems. The problem appears to be minor and solving at the time of writing.
  • “There was a possible division of the ETH chain at block 11234873,” Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ) tweeted. “Etherscan and Blockchair are showing two different chains and data after this block. We are resolving now but have temporarily closed withdrawals. The funds are SAFU, “added the trader.

Ethereum suffers from a

  • Blockchair CEO Nikita Zhavoronkov also tweeted the incident in a thread that explained the situation with Ethereum. “At some point, the Ethereum developers introduced a change in the code that led to a split in the chain today starting at block 11234873 (07:08 UTC),” Zhavoronkov said. “Those who didn’t upgrade (Blockchair, Infura, some miners and many others) got stuck on a minority chain (~ 30 blocks in 2 hours). Technically, it was an unannounced hard fork, “he added.
  • The infrastructure provider Infura also provided details about the incident on the organization’s web portal. “The root cause was traced to several components within our infrastructure that were stuck on an older stable version of the go-ethereum client that encountered a critical consensus bug on block 11234873,” noted Infura. “This affected several versions of Geth, including 1.9.9 and 1.9.13. Components running 1.9.19 and later were not affected. Once the incident is resolved, an entire post-mortem will be completed and shared. “
  • A number of exchanges, including Binance, have temporarily stopped withdrawals. Some users have complained about oracle and price feed delays. A number of Ethereum users have discussed issues with ETH-based price feeds and ERC20 tokens while using wallets like Metamask.
  • Ethereum Foundation member Péter Szilágyi responded to Zhavoronkov’s analysis and said: “Technically you are right that it was an” unannounced hard fork “(from bad to good chain). That said, Silently fixing an inactive bug for 2+ years is much less likely to cause an outage than raising awareness. We strive to minimize the potential damage. “
  • At the time of publication, the price of Ethereum (ETH) is still up more than 3% on Wednesday and is trading at $ 460 per coin.

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