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Ethereum prices until 2019

Ethereum ETH Price flies at the beginning of January; Pricing on prices for 2019?

Ethereum may not be in any way close to its historical maximum price, but it has still increased by about 80% in the last month, and we expect further. The hard forks of Ethereum are regularly installed and the next (scheduled for mid-January) will implement many of the changes that will lead to the mature form of Ethereum. In this last phase, Ethereum will move from mining to Proof of Stake, becoming faster and more powerful. If Ethereum has to achieve its goals, it must make moves like these, and community-driven hard forks are a way to increase investor confidence. The price gains like those we have witnessed are the direct result.

Nobody knows for sure if Ethereum can satisfy its noble objectives. With multiple future possibilities, here is a diversified set of forecasts for the price of Ether in 2019.

$ 500 for ETH in 2019

The January 16th fork carries Ethereum in its long-awaited phase of Constantinople. Here, the mining prizes are lowered, the eventual "difficulty bomb" is delayed and new intelligent contract instruments are introduced. It is not known how the community of Ethereum (miners, developers, investors) will respond to these changes, but we think that each of them is well chosen. This hard fork is likely to go smoothly, with the collaboration of the Ethereum miners community.

In an event like this, it is likely to increase confidence in the future of Ethereum. And, in a case like this, big changes are unlikely to develop out of nowhere. However, steady gains could materialize in 2019, leading to $ 500 of Ethereum for buyers by the end of the year.

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Ethereum moves away from the cryptocurrency mines

$ 1500 Ether in 2019

On the other hand, Ethereum could demonstrate in Constantinople that it has the best leadership, technology and consistency of the community in the entire blockchain space. In the event that the efficiency of Ethereum is enhanced by this (and by the very hard future forks planned for 2019), development could greatly accelerate for Ethereum. Ethereum already has more active partnerships than any other intelligent contract platform. If its advantage continues to grow and the crypts return to the market in general, we could easily see an Ether that exceeds previous historical highs.

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$ 150 of aether in 2019

Of course, there is always the possibility that Ether does not improve. Ethereum faces tough competition from other smart contract platforms such as NEO, EOS and Cardano. If one of these three (or some unknown relatives) becomes the new source of development or introduces a technology that overshadows Ethereum, ETH may not achieve significant gains in 2019.

We can not predict which route will follow Ethereum in 2019, but you can bet that we will report all the events along the way.

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