Ethereum now used by the professional artist Ai Weiwei in Priceless (PRCLS Token) Project


  Ethereum now used by the professional artist Ai Weiwei is worth his money

Ethereum now used by the professional artist Ai Weiwei It's worth it

Art activist and respected leader worldwide Ai Weiwei decided to use a new pair of ETHER coins coined for his next big thing. The Chinese government actively fights against the cryptocurrency and Ai Weiwei – which is breaking the rules of the communist party – which makes the pieces disputed. However he is not going alone; he has the help of the conceptual artist Keven Abosch.

Using Ether, the duo has created two new tokens that can be quickly distributed so that people can understand the value instilled in symbols by modern people. The Irish artist Keven Abosch has already worked on the project – trying to bridge the gap between contemporary art and cryptocurrency – thus creating a new kind of art.

PRICELESS or PRCLS, as the new ticker symbol is called, uses token pairs. Unlike other pairings, however, with PRCLS, a token is visible and the other is not, they are also twin coins. They decided to follow the twin road because they believe that having a public side of the same token will allow them to create tokens that can be owned by everyone.

Art is not necessarily the purpose; the point of the token is to create something new that does not fall within the confines of the already established system. People continually try to describe the value of a thing – according to Ai – this could also include people. It is a modern problem that society has created, an individual can be worth less than another human being. For Ai and Kevin, the concept is complete garbage. With the new project, the art couple hopes to create a system that produces more equality among people, helping them to realize the perverse nature of government and society that continually tries to break people into different classes of value.

The new token will use a portfolio address with small increments of PRCLS tokens that have solid support already held by the buyers. It is said that each address considers the digital equivalent of a moment considered inestimable. The priceless moments & # 39; they are those considered suitable by Ai and Abosch, after sharing them – and having found a way to get a token that represents the moment – and at the same time its value.

The blockchain is essential to realize the project works because it is immutable by nature – the moments can not be changed – it also has the potential to break the system, thus creating a new form of communication.

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