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Ethereum is the new planet and you need to own property here! – BlockPublisher

For us normal people who live in the real world could be enough, but for the encrypted enthusiasts, there is no limit to their madness. We are aware that at the moment there are two realities; one is the real world while the other is digital. And if you've seen Black Mirror, I fear that what our world is gradually turning into.

So bitcoin reached its tenth anniversary, which meant everyone was waiting for something spectacular to happen to the blockchain. And, blockchain invented this to amaze everyone.


Let's talk about Decentraland, a VR blockchain-based platform that sells the digital ownership of virtual real estate built with ERC20 tokens. They are currently managing thousands of transactions for hundreds of users. Although, it is still new and in its initial phase, once this beast is out in the open, it can interrupt the 2.5 billion gaming industry.

Ask how? Well, Decentraland is a virtual reality game that allows people to experience it from the comfort of their homes. You can buy, build, personalize digital lands and interact with friends while on the platform. Like a much cooler version of Minecraft. Or o, a Minecraft and Sims crossover, except you are the Sim himself in the game.

The blockchain offers you a true digital property with auditions, creating smart contracts and holding private keys without the need for any intermediary. How much is it ?!

Through crowdfunding, he was able to raise $ 30 million to bring the platform to life and now users use their properties with their native LAND or MANA token. MANA can be purchased on Binance. In addition to the purchase of LAND, you can also spend MANA in virtual casinos, watch a movie in any of the cinemas or draw stocks in your own wall street themed virtual office. Opportunities seem endless!

Traditional digital worlds VS Virtual reality worlds

The purchase of digital worlds has been around for some time now, Planet Calypso of Entropia has been sold for $ 6 million in 2011 and Club Neverdie of Entropia has been sold for $ 635,000. But with Entropia, the company owns your land and not you.

However, when it comes to the real world, you are the owner in every sense. You have the keys, the contract, the rights and the property, all for your name. And this was something that was not possible before in virtual worlds.

Decentraland gives you that experience of the real world along with the property, all salute the blockchain technology. Also, how can we forget MANA, a token that can be easily cleared using an exchange? The most expensive piece of land sold in the Decentrlands market went to $ 175,000 in September 2018.

For sure we see a lot of potential and if you can not afford to buy land in the real world, a virtual world could work equally well. A resource is a resource, regardless of whether it exists in digital or physical form.

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