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Ethereum is sure to become big because of this – BlockPublisher

Have you ever had a moment when you wanted to say something using an emoji and there was no one who could describe it perfectly? Remember the time we had to implore companies to add those emojis and everything else.

Welcome to Ethmoji!

Where you have the freedom to create your personalized and uniquely unique digital collectible item! It's time to unleash the internal fever of the Moji and make beer.

Getting started

At the beginning it looks like any other regular emoji, but scratch the surface to find out why we are excited about it. Every Ethmoji it has its layers; There is a base layer, a set of eyes, a nose, hair and other accessories that you would like to add. Compose an Ethmoji by assembling these layers together, much like an avatar creation. When you are finished and satisfied with what you have created and wish to win your fantastic creation now, you pay royalties to each of the owners of the various levels of the composition.

For example, this is Mony. A cute purple blob created by Dylan Field for her grandmother.

Mony consists of layers. When Mony was born, the creator paid a royalty to each of the owners of the level.

More importantly, once someone creates Mony, it is not possible to replicate it. An instant or hash is published on the Ethereum blockchain, which guarantees the uniqueness of each individual Ethmoji displayed. But on the downside, you can not change your Ethmoji even after creating it.

So … how does it help you make money that you ask for?

Once you have finished building your moji, you can choose to sell it OR you can create your own avatar. Give him a name and do it yours.

So while you're composing you might see that there are some locked levels. So, unlike other games where you pay to use that function and that's pretty much everything; what Ethmoji does is that once you get paid, you now own it and you can sell it to other people on the blockchain.

Now if I were to use a layer that was bought by you, I would pay you a royalty for this. He is practically unlocking a level for the whole community. But here's the thing, you have to decide what the price of the royalties would be and you have to be careful about this because if it's too high then nobody would be interested in buying. So, do not let greed come into play when you're deciding its price.

Relatively new on the block, they plan to expand further, which will give you more benefits. New levels, wider options to choose from, more additions (which will allow them to use on other platforms and not just for Ethmoji!), Contests where you can win great levels and royalty followers to know who is using your level for compose their Ethmoji.

What makes it SUPPORT on?

All based on the basic principles of the blockchain and works on smart contracts like any other collectible item. But this is powerful for the following reason.

You will have noticed that every time you create a profile, you are asked to provide some information from your accounts; be it your Facebook, Google or any other form of identification. But your identities on these platforms are much less unified. You could be a Kate on Facebook and Katherine on Google.

No project has yet identified the unified identity but, however trivial it may seem, some emojis on Ethereum's blockchain are proving to do it quite well.

And this is only the beginning, we can not wait to see what else they have to offer! We know that the OpenSea team probably has bigger plans than we expect for projects.

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