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"Ethereum is more centralized than Ripple" says a well-known lawyer and "blockchain nerd"

And the nerd we're talking about is Preston Byrne, a lawyer who also runs a website where he occasionally gives his vision in legal matters related to cryptography, as if Ether were or not security (spoiler alarm: thinks it's a security ).

Preston tweeted the affirmation on Ethereum and Ripple referring to another tweet explaining the reasons and decision makers behind the update Ethineum mainnet of the Constantinople update that will see the issue of reward blocks reduced from 3 ETH to 2 ETH per block.

Byrne clarifies his position in subsequent tweets arguing that Ethereum is fully managed by a couple of large private companies.

"None of which means that Ethereum was not interesting, or was not decentralized once, or that we are wrong to hope for decentralized finance systems, it is like saying that Ethereum has not managed to climb and it is not the decentralized system we hoped for. Maybe next time. "

The change in the issue of Ethereum tokens benefits the current large holders to the detriment of future miners, considered an independent move by large companies behind the Ethereum project, in particular ConsenSys.

Preston's claims, as was to be expected, were put to the test by a slew of Ethereum supporters:

"Nobody has the power to impose change, this is the key point of the use of a blockchain.If the reduction in emission is affected, it is because people have accepted the change and have managed the customers that 39. Implemented: Do not confuse the ability to agree on a change for centralization. "One of the core developers of Ethereum Nick Johnson commented.

"The change of issue was discussed for months by the wider community – I know it because I was outside the first discussions (along with community members like @econoar & @IslandHunting). These cheap shots do not add anything to the conversation. "Said Anthony Sassano, guest of a podcast related to Ethereum.

It was just a provocative outlet of a known Ethereum skeptic or a valid concern worth discussing. Ethereum has a discussion platform that is semi-public and developers, enthusiasts, holders or anyone else can join and try to influence future network changes. However, it is questionable on what impact a proposal of an unknown person / entity would have. On the other hand, anything from Vitalik or ConsenSys is accepted almost automatically.

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