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Ethereum [ETH]The Vitalik Buterin launches in a fight on Twitter regarding Bitcoin [BTC]The proof of work

Vitalik Buterin, the face behind the third largest cryptocurrency Ethereum commented on a Twitter post that does not believe in Bitcoin [BTC]The proof of work [PoW], which led to discussions and ridicules among other crypto-influencers.

Giacomo Zucco, director of BHB.Network and a crypto-influencer tweeted:

"The nocainists believe in nothingness (nihilism) .The multinationals believe in everything (credulity) .The bitcoiners believe in something (reason)."

Zucco said that there are three types of people, those who are not in cryptocurrencies, those who believe in every altcoin that there is and call them naive, and the last type of people are those who believe in Bitcoin and its core technology that has reshaped how we think about money over the last decade.

Vitalik Buterin has opined on this tweet saying he does not believe in the underlying technology that helps miners extract Bitcoin using a concept called "Proof-of-Work".

Ethalium & # 39; s Vitalik believes that PoW is not the answer and has tried to migrate the ETH network from PoW to PoS.

Buterin tweeted:

"I do not believe in the trials of the job!"

Although Zucco was just putting his opinions on how people categorize, the tweet attracted all kinds of people. There have been many discussions and discussions about PoW and other concepts like Proof-of-Stake [PoS]and if one is better than the other.

There were a lot of research articles that mentioned the way PoW affects our climate and could push the global temperature. According to the research of Nature Climate Change, if the extraction of Bitcoin continues and is adopted, it could increase the global temperature by 2 degrees Celsius.

A Twitter user GhostNour commented:

"Credulity, eh, that's not what my profit sheet says, but please keep on living your blind maximalist ways with these twisted tweets.
Bitcoin: equivalent to the all-steel combustion engine. Heavy, burning tons of fuel, nice … but highly inefficient.
Altcoin: Tesla. "

To this Zucco replied:

"It's a very good analogy, some substitutes for the current Bitcoin technology will probably start to be used in real life in about 1.5 centuries, it will take twice to replace the global standard. , only the technological infrastructure will be replaced, not the financial activity, which will simply migrate, just as Tesla did not need to replace the roads, so technically the Bitcoin substitute that humanity will probably change in about 300 years it will be a sidechain, not an altcoin. "

Jimmy Song, another crypto-influencer commented:

"I do not believe in Vitalik"

Another user, inv8r8r, commented:

"PoW does not need anyone to believe it."

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