Ethereum [ETH] worth $ 2.5 million put in common by Ian Balina, the "advisor" of Chromaway involved in an ICO allocation mess


Lately, Chromaway typologists, in a letter to the cryptocurrency community, have warned users of the enormous farce obtained by Chromaway, a blockchain technology company. The letter also mentioned Benn Godenzi and Ian Balina as part of the fiasco

The controversy began on August 23, when Ben Godenzi, cryptocurrency counselor and co-founder of the Interoperability Alliance, went on a rampage on several Telegram channels to refuting the claims made by the tipster that an individual on the Chromaway network received an allotment amounting to $ 2.5 million or 7K ETH. Godenzi was soon recalled about his claims and accused of forging information when users discovered the truth about the subject on August 25th.

Ian Balina, an investor and investor of blockchain and cryptocurrency, was found in possession of a 100% unlocked allocation of 7,000 ETH [about $2 million] on Etherscan. This suggests that the claims of the bidder that Balina had totaled $ 2.5 million were correct. Balina, in his response to the charges against him, published a message on Telegram that said:

"Everyone here needs to stop this mental masturbation, our tokens are blocked and yes, we have a large allocation because we will work on Close contact with the project If you have any problem with this, you are free to take your interest elsewhere No one forces anyone to participate in Chromaway. "

The fiasco took a bad turn when Alex Mizrahi, the co-founder and Chromaway's CTO ignored what the platform had done to bring their ICO to a total of 55,000 ETHs. Mizrahi on his official Twitter handle said:

"Or do you realize, I do not care? Our goal is only to raise funds to complete the development of the platform.We do not worry about the hype, the people who do business OTC, etc. If they can profit, it is their right. "

Chromaway in their response to the charges launched against them, stating:

" It has come to our attention in the last 24 hours, some people have taken targeting Chromaway / Chromapolis in a concerted FUD campaign and scam First, we were informed of a phishing campaign sent to potential token sales partners, with e-mails coming from Chromaway. "

Chromaway also added:

"While this is frustrating for the Chromaway team and our users, we urge everyone who has received these e-mails to do their due diligence and if in doubt to check the details with @Orp erelmanChromaWay to be 100% safe and secure in the information you received. "

The whole scenario has led the cryptocurrency community to hypothesize that 100 councilors are reselling their token allocations to smaller markup pools.

Jason Mo, a Twitter user commented: [19659004] "Allocations are sold in my network at a higher price. It fits the narrative that "advisors" have cheaper appropriations for the shilling and are now trying to unload their baggage on the secondary market. "

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