Ethereum [ETH] The game based on Fantasy Card "Gods Unchained" releases the trailer of the game


Gods Unchained, the fantasy card game from Ethereum has just released a game trailer before its beta version near the end of this month. Fuel games, the Sydney-based startup behind Gods Unchained managed to get funding from some major venture capitalists including Coinbase Ventures, Nirvana Capital and Continue Capital who participated in a funding round that raised $ 2.4 million in May 2018.

It is expected that Gods Unchained will get a quick traction on the bill that was designed inspired by two popular games based on tradition: Magic: the Gathering and Hearthstone. Both of these games are extremely popular and Gods Unchained should be able to attract fans from the "Magic" and Hearthstone crowds.

Gods Unchained has so far enjoyed some success despite the bear market that has gripped the cryptocurrency industry during the best part of this year. In July, Gods Unchained, which allows its players to purchase fantasy cards that allow them to interact with other participants, has sold one of his cards dubbed "Mythic Hyperion" for 146 ethers. At the moment this sum was worth around $ 60,000. In comparison, the record sale for a similar fantasy card is $ 87,000.

Card game based on Ethereum

So far, more than 1.6 million God Undined fantasy cards have been sold for a total value of $ 2.8 million. In his latest trailer – the Beta Trailer gameplay – Fuel Games shows card owners what they will be able to do with their purchases. Fuel Games co-founder and CEO James Ferguson spoke in an interview where he said: "When we decided to build Gods Unchained, we really wanted to offer the quality that would be expected from triple A publishers."

The closed beta phase, scheduled for the end of this month, will be open to card holders for the "stress test" while an open beta program is scheduled to follow immediately and will last another three months. A complete launch is scheduled for the second quarter of 2019.

A unique feature of Gods Unchained is its design. The gameplay takes place on Fuel Games servers and not on the Ethereum blockchain because most of the Crypto-Kitties based block-blocks have been designed. The main reason why the game was designed in this way was to avoid using the slow and expensive transaction fees associated with playing a game on the Ethereum blockchain.

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