Ethereum (ETH) that takes over if the evaporation of Bitcoin becomes true


If we follow the words of the IOHK and the respected Cardan guide figure (ADA) – Charles Hoskinson, since he said that every coin should be positioned in their potential place, the crypto-verse would look very different today. [19659002] Equal to your potential

"Why is someone worthy of their positions in market capitalization? Bitcoin is advertised as a payment system and a medium of exchange, and therefore anyone who has ever tried to use it for this, has been a miserable failure, they usually stop taking it, or find a way to take money, and through a creative structure like the one Bitpay did.Ethereum claims to be a world computer, but then CryptoKitties breaks it. "

from the only idea that with the passage of time and the current traditional financial issues (which is the sector in which the technological cryptography deals with the most) were not distributed with, more coins were introduced that led to platforms that could exceed and solve various problems.

The pioneer and first gen of Bitcoin coins is in the lead and heavily dominates the cryptocurrency industry, but its adoption or use cases are not close to its position at all.

Jordan Belfort, called "the wolf of Wall Street", believes that the bitcoin, the first class cryptocurrency, is about to evaporate. The former penny-stocker broker who was convicted of fraud charges in 1999 is not unrelated to marrying negative rhetoric on Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market in general.

" I was a scammer, I had it with science, and that's exactly what's happening with bitcoins – it's all so stupid, these guys got brainwashed.

This thing [Bitcoin] is about to evaporate like a mirage.There are a lot of really honest people who will be slaughtered. "

Speaking with CNBC as part of a documentary titled "Bitcoin: Boom or Bust", Belfort expressed his firm belief that BTC investors were heading towards a sad conclusion. According to Belfort, BTC is the next big scam that would make many people penniless after the bubble burst.

If something of the standard one passes while other coins do not suffer a very negative impact while in addition BTC does not find any use, so it could mean that it has to step aside. The same end may not be the same for the following altcoins if the Bitcoin evaporates while their use is taking place all over the world today, and many large technology companies and giant financial institutions are already testing them. This could mean an Ethereum point to intervene and take a leading role. Assembly of his position.

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