Ethereum [ETH] Technical analysis: Cryptocurrencies drown in red as bears complete their siege


Ethereum [ETH] he failed to maintain his position when XRP passed him a few weeks ago and does not seem to be back soon. At the time of writing, Ethereum was trading at $ 133.74, with a market capitalization of $ 14.11 billion and had fallen by a massive 35% over a seven-day interval.

1 hour

Source: trading view

Source: trading view

The bullish trends of all cryptocurrencies have vanished, leaving no sign and the downward trend extends from $ 203.77 to $ 132.53. Ethereum prices have declined and have created support below the $ 150 line, which is $ 127.40. Strength points can be seen at $ 148.22, $ 177.45 and $ 203.77.

The Parabolic SAR the markers show a downward trend because the distance between the markers and the candles increases every day.

The MACD The line witnessed a bearish crossover on November 18 and does not seem to have stopped there as it continues to tumble. The histogram for MACD shows red bars hanging below the zero line, which indicates a downward trend in progression.

The Awesome Oscillator shows a transition of green peaks to red peaks, indicating that the price is decreasing and a possible downward trend.

1 day

Source: trading view

Source: trading view

The prices of Ethereum in the long run seem terrible as in the course of an hour, because the downward trend varies from $ 536 to $ 175.90. Expecting an upward trend here seems like an unrealizable dream. Prices broke support at $ 182.79 and fell further. Strength points are set at $ 247.76, $ 317.55 and $ 478.79.

The Bollinger bands they have been in a state squeezed for more than a month and are starting to see some expansion. Prices have fallen below the simple moving average and have also broken the lower band, indicating an oversold market.

The Aroon the line up is directed downward, while the Aroon line up has reached line 100. The Aroon indicator shows a strong downward trend underway.

The RSI shows the same MACD and Aroon, since RSI has fallen below the oversold line.


The rankings of one day and one now all indicate a terrible environment for Ethereum as they indicate a bearish market.

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