Ethereum [ETH] falls into the bear trap, he becomes the biggest loser among the first 5 cryptocurrencies after BCH -AMBCrypto


The market was opened today, 29th September, to most of the cryptocurrencies that see the red, indicating a polar shift from yesterday, when most of the coins were on the rise. Popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin [BTC], Ethereum [ETH] and the XRPs all slipped, indicating the strengthening of the bear's grip.

At the time of writing, Ethereum [ETH] it was falling at a rate of 5.82% with a total market capitalization of $ 22.179 billion. The cryptocurrency was trading for $ 216.91 with a 248 hour market volume of $ 1.888 billion. Ethereum lost its strong advantage in terms of market capitalization with XRP, with the difference falling to $ 997 million.

The cryptocurrency had fallen from a height of 231.27 which was held yesterday, after which the bears took it to the current hold of $ 216.91. Most of the commercial volume of Ethereum is held by Binance with a 5.94% majority. The total volume of the trade was $ 130.06 million, which was closely followed by Bitfinex's $ 97.44 million.

Ethereum was also in the news recently when the cryptocurrency supported by Opera Labs was launched for desktop as a beta version. The browser also includes a cryptocurrency portfolio function, a move aimed at pushing cryptocurrencies into the realm of traditional adoption.

Charles Hammel, the Product Lead if previously Opera Crypto had declared:

"Having a Crypto Wallet in your browser brings you cash experience in the online payment world Paying with Crypto Wallet is like sending digital money directly from your phone and we have made it simpler.This opens up new possibilities for both merchants and for content creators. "

Ethereum was also purchased in conversation by Justin Sun, the founder of Tron Foundation who asked users to switch to the Tron network from the Ethereum network. His tweet read:

"Yes! Please stop the implementation of d-app on Ethereum and immediately migrate to the #TRON network! We are 100 times faster than #ETH and are fully compatible with #ethereum.We guarantee 100% better experience user! "

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