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Ethereum [ETH], EOS, Tron [TRX] and Steem's Dapp performance in the 2018 year

The "Dapp.com Dapp Market 2018 Report" provides information on four mainstream blockchains; Ethereum [ETH], EOS, Tron [TRX] and Steem [STEEM].

The report focuses on the contribution of each of the aforementioned blockchains in the DEX and Dapps ecosystems and also offers an overview of individual markets.

In 2018, Dapps has prospered and reached its peak and the relationship calls it "Dapp Movement" even though the bear market has hit all cryptocurrencies. In the course of the year, a total of $ 6.7 billion in revenue was generated through these Dapps.

DEX [Decentralized Exchanges] has also become one of the main contributors to the Dapp market, as the report states that 40% of the total transaction volume for Dapps came from DEX.

The report mentions that a total of 1,423 Dapps were developed at the end of 2018, of which 1,045 belonged to the Ethereum blockchain, 235 came from the EOS blockchain, 97 from Tron and 46 from Steem.

The total transaction volume of all these Dapps in conjunction reached $ 6.73 billion and DEX contributed a total of $ 2.61 billion.

Annual Dapp summary

Ethereum EOS Tron Steem

Dapp: 1045 Dapp: 235 Dapp: 97 Dapp: 46

Total Active Users: 797,153 Total Active Users: 171,170 Users: 71,832 Users: 386,772

Transactions: 20.868.975 Transactions: 107.161.794 Transaction: 98.496.106 Transaction: 52.860.766

Volume: 4.998.320 ETH Volume: 939.209.910 EOS Volume: 36.394.015.674 TRX Volume: 7.471.405

The Ethereum blockchain generated a total of $ 2.66 billion from 1045 Dapps in 2018 and 78% of the volume comes from DEX.

EOS, on the other hand, generated a total of $ 3.45 billion out of a total of 235 Dapp and 75% of its volume comes from betting apps.

Tron generated $ 605 million from 97 apps and 98% of the total volume also came from bets.

Steem, however, generated $ 6.42 million from 46 Dapps.

From the above, it can be concluded that while Ethereum's blockchain ecosystem saw the largest number of Dapps, it certainly was not he who generated the largest volume. The EOS blockchain had significantly lower Dapps but generated the largest volume from these Dapps.

EOS was the only one to generate the most volume from these Dapps, followed by Ethereum, Tron and Seem.

Q4 Table of contents Dapp

In the fourth quarter of 2018, 258 Dappes were developed and these Dapps, combined, contributed to a cumulative transaction volume of $ 2.96 billion. The 258 Dapp had a total of 211,358 users and EOS ranked the first in terms of number of users, as it had a 69% contribution.

EOS was followed by TRX as it contributed to 17% of the total number of users, ETH had 13%, while Steem had a mere 1%.

In terms of total transactions, EOS and TRX contributed 50% of transactions each, while ETH did not make it to the list.

EOS again surpassed in terms of volume, as it contributed a total of 79% to $ 2.96 billion, while TRX contributed 20% and ETH had a contribution of 1%.

Although Ethereum's blockchain seems to have the most Dapp, it should be noted that Ethereum has the advantage of the first move and the main Ethereum network was launched on July 30, 2015.

The main EOS network was launched on 9 June 2018, Tron & # 39; s on 25 June 2018 and Steem's main network was launched on 24 March 2016.

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