Ethereum [ETH] developers should migrate to Tron [TRX]says Justin Sun


On November 25th, the founder and CEO of Tron Foundation, Justin Sun, appealed to the Ethereum [ETH] developers to migrate their token to Tron [TRX].

Sun gave them four points on why migration would be a good decision in the bear market. He tweeted:

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

The founder stated that this would not only cost developers any transaction fees, adding that the cost of migration will also be 0. Sun also attempted to attract developers by indicating transactions per second and a percentage increase in the value of the token with high liquidity.

The founder of Tron had also recognized the "bloodbath" of November 24 that hit the cryptic market and reminded investors that "nothing has ever changed". Sun stated:

"In today's bloodbath, we have to remember that nothing has ever changed. #Blockchain #bitcoin #DAPP is the future and #TRON will decentralize the Internet.Get a look at the #TRON data at 6 months, we have never seen a so amazing increase.Plz control after 2 years! #TRX $ TRX "

However, the market had different feelings about Sun's suggestion on migration. Many appreciated the suggestion provided by the founder of Tron, while some doubted Tron's ability to achieve their goal successfully.

The user of Reddit Acidwyrm said:

"Tronix has never lost a single deadline, it's 2000 tps, zero tx fees … It performs ETH at every level in every way from a technical point of view.The adaptation is slow for all the crypts. in your comment, do a little research and see for yourself. "

Jkazoo, another Reddit user, said:

"Nothing is really unique about Tron, everything seems like a rejection of something else – no other way they could make the developments so fast and meet every deadline – it could be successful, but still nothing exceptional, it seems centralized with all the super reps and prizes, price, money, money, 100% increase in token value … trying to figure out what it takes in the real world in addition to gambling. "

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