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Ethereum [ETH] Back on the recovery track: TRON TRX next

At the start of the recovery road, the third largest currency by market capitalization Ethereum [ETH] lead the group with its rapid increase in value compared to the US dollar.

After rising above $ 100.00, the ETH / USD pair reached a level of $ 140.00 with a market capitalization of $ 14.454 billion.


Source: coinmarketcap – monthly movement of ETH prices against the US dollar.

Sellers have had the upper hand over buyers who reached the $ 150.00 level, whose support had previously been canceled during one of last month's downward precipitations. So, the week for one of the most promising coins ended up on the positive side with an upward movement of almost 50%.

Through a recent bi-weekly call of the core developers of Ethereum, it was confirmed that Constantinople, the next relevant protocol of the project, will be activated on the processing of the 7.080.000 block, which is expected to arrive around January 14, for CoinTelegraph and the Etherscan statistics.

Price of the currency

Weekly performances: the top 10 by market capitalization

Be known to strongly emphasize the characteristic of following the great leader coin, TRON [TRX] he is living a welcomed Increase of 48.63% reaching the above mentioned level of $ 0.02100. The recovery should not come as a surprise as TRON and the virtual currency behind has made much progress and announcements even during the big market downfalls after the much debated Hard Fork by Bitcoin Cash. As expected by our EWN team – it will not be long before TRX remains firmly above $ 0.021.

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The creator of the platform that wants to change the Internet as we know it today – Justin Sun, during an interview, Inc. Magazine added how the team designed the test path that the network could undertake with the purchase of BitTorrent .

"One of the reasons we bought BitTorrent, in addition to its great team, is that we will be able to test scalability like no other, with 100 million monthly active users who will perform in blockchain next year …
TRON and BitTorrent will continue to work on separate projects, orbiting one another, and collaborating to the goal of decentralizing the Internet. "

He continued ..

We plan to stand out with our acceleration program because it is stable, more efficient and has lower costs associated … The biggest problem is really to educate developers globally: "why blockchain?" And according to "why TRON?" That's why it has recently launched the $ 1 million (USD) DApp TRON accelerator competition. By giving prizes totaling $ 1 million, the developer community can … run their own ideas or projects on TRON.

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