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Ethereum Classic

Ethereum Classic (ETC) everything is in turmoil because the digital resource has been listed as a commercial resource on Coinsquare in Europe, while Coinbase Wallet also supports cryptocurrency.

According to a Tweet of Ethereum Classic, virtual currency is now available for trading in Europe through the Coinsquare exchange.

Residents of the continent can now buy / sell / exchange Ethereum Classic directly with fiat currency on the Coinsquare website.

In an other Tweet, ETC has announced that the digital currency is available on the Coinbase Portfolio.

"Users now have full access to the #blockchain ETC, & Däpp developers a significantly larger audience, " tweeted ETC.

According to a recent relationship from BC Focus, the virtual resource has been trading in red for a long time. The cryptocurrency had reached its lowest level in over a year last week. Since it had touched the lowest level, it had also widely traded in the bearish zone for about two weeks.

This decision by both stock exchanges could constitute a substantial price increase for ETC on the cryptocurrency market.

According to another relationship from BC Focus, in an interview, Anthony Lusardi, director of Ethereum Classic shared how the cryptocurrency is overlooked when it comes to Ethereum alternatives [ETH] people speak about.

"And so when you're a new entree like Tezos that simply copies an ETC or EOS source code where it is, you know what you call the third dysfunctional Byte Masters project." Uh, you end up in a situation where what they want is that they want to attack Ethereum because they see Ethereum as the top, certainly by market capitalization and by volume and have many developers, so they do not want to compare themselves to ETC, " Lusardi said

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