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Ethereum Classic (ETC) First cohort to be established at ETC Labs in 2019

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Ethereum Classic (ETC) covers the loss to a certain extent as it dates back to today (26th December 2018) market. After a rich ETC pilot program that has just ended in December, the starting accelerator of the ETC blockchain is ready to organize the very first cohort at the start of next year on the 14thth January. It will be held at the ETC office based in San Francisco.

After Ethereum Classic (ETC) announced that they will require some new workers, several people have applied for it and about 140 of them have been taken into consideration by the ETC team, of which only 11 well-tested startups have been selected by the team.

ETC laboratories are planning to grow their network by making some new startups available. This will help ETC improve its blockchain network through the new selected teams that will have access to the shared office space, developer support and funding. This will enhance the ETC network and with the diverse ideas brought together will bring the Ethereum Classic to a whole new level. The project is based on the aim of making direct investments and connecting startups to a network of supporters, investors and collaborators.

There are several teams that support the ETC ecosystem made up of developers of internal ETC labs. They will play their role in advising start-ups throughout the project. The first cohort will include fiery start-ups and are a great resource for the Ethereum Classic (ETC) network. The best and most experienced team is the most innovative and unorthodox ideas that ETC will bring to market.

ETC Laboratory Program Director Elizabeth Kukka said she had a great response from the first startup group. ETC has seen start-ups show their interest in the project and do not see the time to do so. The ETC team is also considering adding more ETC blockchain projects that are not yet on ETC. Ethereum Classic (ETC) focuses on the basics of the network that will produce many new DApp ideas and will further advance the ETC blockchain in the encrypted industry.

Therefore, the Ethereum Classic (ETC) network is very focused on the core of their network and this is what a true digital heritage must do to stay on the market for a very long time. Most users view the fundamentals of a digital network and ETC is one of the resources with a very strong core developed by a team of engineers and other experienced technical staff.

Currently, the Ethereum Classic (ETC) market is looking to improve as it has gained momentum. The price of the ETC is set at $ 5. At the time of writing this article, ETC traded at a price of $ 4.86 USD and was rising at a rate of almost 2%. The market capitalization of Ethereum Classic was $ 520 million and had a trading volume of $ 148 million.


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