Ethereum can only be truly decentralized if it stops because of me


Vitalik Buterin states that Ethereum can be truly decentralized if it stops depending on it

It is not news to anyone that closely follows the crypto ecosystem that Vitalik Buterin was the main influencer for decisions made on Ethereum. However, the young innovator imagines a future where this is not the case.

In the recent Devcon, Buterin, in an interview with MIT Technology Review, claimed to feel like it was time for him to take the back seat from the community leadership position.

Idealistically speaking, a truly decentralized system can not have a single point whose decisions can bring down the whole system, yet Vitalik has had that kind of power. This has been constantly evolving due to the growing community. In fact Vitalik is already out of most of the decision-making processes of the Ethereum Foundation.

In particular, this development in the Ethereum community is happening at a time when its technical developers are facing difficulties in making the product available for long-term adoption. At the moment it is urgent to pass from the job test to a stake test system. Buterin, in particular, was conducting a research project whose goal was to carry out this task as soon as possible.

He also led projects that led to the division of the birth of sharding and plasma, which should be the solution to the scalability problems of Ethereum. In the next installation of the blockchain, considered Ethereum 2.0, these improvements would have been made. Although in the next version, Vitalik has a significantly smaller role to play than a couple of years ago.

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