Ethereum-based billing, Gilded accounting solution is launched with Request Network, MakerDAO's Dai compatibility


Starting Ethereum billing and accounting, Gold, sent their platform in public beta. The milestone follows "many months of development and integration", second a declaration published by Gilded on Wednesday.

Making Gilded different from most – and justifying extended development times – is the extent to which they are taking advantage of the solutions of multiple projects already running on top of the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM); indicative of an ethereal development ecosystem full of synergistic potential.

These projects are familiar to most in the cryptic community. Now in public beta, the cryptographic system of accounting and billing of Gilded, free until November 30thth – is functional with other projects compatible with EVM Network request (REQ) is MakerDAO (MKR).

Between the two, the network of requests certainly appears to be the most strongly integrated. The serverless and decentralized protocol that uses Ethereum to create invoices and automatically detect their payments has greatly enhanced the quality of what Gilded can offer potential customers – predominantly cryptographic business owners – looking for an easier way to manage and track receipts and payment invoices (think & # 39; QuickBooks for crypto & # 39;).

The developers of Gilded are "still working" on some aspects of its integration with Request Network, according to comments from Gil Hildebrand (CEO) in the declaration above. Furthermore, the request network has been recently announced update of the v2.0 protocol It seems intended to favor Gilded customers compared to lower Ethereum gas prices.

According to a Post subreddit MakerDAO from Hildebrand on Friday, Gilded has "seen a bit of interest in [its] cryptography and billing of products from companies in the blockchain space. "Encouraging, they already have registered paying customers.

In this same post, Hildebrand revealed that her development team is currently working to introduce a series of additional features centered around From the MakerDAO stablecoin. This includes collaboration with Kyber Network (KNC) on "ridiculously easy DAI / ETH conversion", with Wyre on ability to fiat on-ramping and with 8x protocol on recurring payments, denominated in Dai. All solutions should be sent by March next year.

Today, Gilded uploaded a short video demonstration in public beta on his YouTube channel. For those interested, we have attached the clip below.

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