Ethereum $ 470.48 Vechain $ 0.01 Ripple $ 0.00. Cryptocurrency Price Prediction – American Wrap


Ethereum’s price reached $ 468 on November 7 and appeared to form a potential double top on November 11 after hitting $ 466, followed by a slight rejection. However, in the past four hours, the digital asset has seen a notable breakout towards $ 474, canceling the possible double top pattern.

Vechain’s price has the potential to see a 3% increase if this critical barrier is broken

Vechain had a massive 14% price pump on Nov 9, hitting a high of $ 0.0118 and establishing a parallel upward channel shortly thereafter. The most critical resistance level is the upper limit of this model.

Renowned trading veteran condemns Ripple a stock as XRP / BTC sinks

Peter Brandt, a legendary 45-year veteran of trading, recently discussed the situation of the XRP / BTC pair and the potential for a bouncing dead cat now that he is witnessing action. Brandt believed it was better to shorten XRP despite the current price action.

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