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Ether falls to a low of 2018 of $ 102.36 as Bitcoin suffers its worst accident this year. Ethereum is down -3.23% in 24 hours, down -8.26% during the week and down -41.77% in the month at a last price of $ 114.68. The Ethereum marketcap is $ 11,871,817.867 with a circulating supply of ETH $ 103,521,258. $ ETH / USDT trades between a maximum of 24 hours of $ 120.26 and a minimum of 24 hours of $ 112.01 over a 24-hour period Binance volume of $ 51,170,520. This volume of trade is moderate to heavy. The trend of the weekly price is mixed.

$ ETH remains third rank
Two weeks ago we saw $ ETH slip into third place in the market capitalization at $ XRP (again), and this has not changed. Ripple has widened the gap and today is printing over $ 2.8 billion more in market capitalization. Coinmarketcap pegs $ XRP to $ 14.6 billion with a value of $ 11.8 for a difference of $ 2.8 billion. The launch is not irreversible, but the fundamentals for $ XRP seem to be much healthier than those of $ ETH.

Lowest price since spring 2017
The last time we saw the ether at such a price was on May 19, 2017, the price was $ 113.41, and the ether was rising. That demonstration saw a peak of $ 410.75 (Coinmarketcap). However this time the market has been bearish since the week of May 6, 2018. This is a year and a half bearish market:

Bear Market from the spring of 2018

What to expect?
With a year and a half of bearish movement, it could be easy to postulate more or less the same. The default MACD of the six-hour chart shows strong buying pressure over an extended period of time:

MACD of the six-hour chart

The RSI on the one day chart is printing 41.61 which is well inside the neutral zone (between 30 and 70).

The short-term EMA on the four-hour chart fell below the medium-term EMA, signaling a weakening of the $ ETH position.

Volume is declining, although still moderate, and the price is in red for a two-day period in the one-day chart. It seems that there are less contrasts on the current price and not so much enthusiasm to send it higher or lower.

$ ETH Trend of the weekly price
Tap / click to enlarge:

The weekly trend is mixed. This is different from above or below. The weekly interval is between $ 126.80 and $ 102.36. Within the week we saw four candles of red every day, but three of green. Seven days of oscillation within a $ 24.44 scope are starting to look like a sideways condition. The price has been easing for the last two days, but remains within the weekly range.

The ten-day key resistance line is $ 137. If ether can definitely break this resistance, then good things could happen.

The 2018 annual minimum of $ 102.36 was set three days ago on November 26, 2018. This is just below a critical support level of $ 104.53. If ether erodes below this key support, it is likely that prices will fall again.

If the ether can definitely beat the key resistance of $ 137, then a continuous upward movement is possible.

If the ether erodes below the key support of $ 104.53, new price decreases are expected.

The technical data suggest a weakening of the price of $ ETH but within the narrow weekly interval.

$ ETH One Day Candles

One year ETH $ chart

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Friday, November 30, 2018 Bitcoin Background

Altcoin like Ethereum ($ ETH) can show a relationship with Bitcoin ($ BTC) that changes with the alt, bitcoins and market conditions:

24 hours of Bitcoin
24 hours of #Bitcoin
-4.86% price $ 4.019.63
vol $ 6.001.511,297
mktcap $ 69,944,755,952
17.40M #XBT 20:38



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