Esenler Erokspor-Isparta 32 Coronavirus postponement to sports match – sports report


It has been announced that Esenler Erokspor’s match, which will be played in Istanbul on Sunday 15 November, will be played at a later time due to the coronavirus of 16 players, 2 staff and 2 coaches at Isparta 32 Spor.

In the statement released by the Management of the Isparta 32 Sports Club, “Esenler Erokspor – Isparta 32 Sports Match, which should be played on Sunday 15.11.2020 at the Vefa stadium, the number of players whose test results were negative following the Covit PCR tests -19 of our club, the instruction regarding the measures to be applied in competitions due to the Covit outbreak-19 Has been postponed to a later date by TFF, taking into account the number of players who have fallen below the specified number in paragraph 8 of article 7 and quarantine periods of players who have a positive PCR test result.



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