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Escort Anastasiya arrested in Moscow – Latest news updated

It is also known as Nastya Ribka in Russia with the nickname Rib Balıkçık Nastya & # 39 ;. In February 2018, the leader of the Russian opposition, Aleksey Navalni, examined the book kadın How the billionaire was seduced by Anastasiya in 2016 and suggested that the young woman be with the king of Russian aluminum Oleg Deripaska and Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Prihodko. According to Navalni, the business man presented to Prihodko as a escort. Almost a year ago, the scandal was a little sleepy when he fled to Thailand with Aleksandr Kirilov, surnamed Lesli, a & # 39; sexual instructor Yaklaşık.


Young women and Lesli were arrested and detained in Thailand for visa-free and unauthorized work. Calling the American administration, the escort said, if you take us under your protection, I will tell you how Russia has influenced the 2016 elections in the United States. "I have valuable information from the people I had with Russia's senior management. He had requested a record of 16 hours." Eskort, Deripaska had a brief relationship with the time when he had recorded photos and sound recordings. of former partners of Paul Manafort, who also led an election campaign for Trump Thailand, the capital of Belarus who tried to go to escort, the day before, the day after the Sheremetyevo airport in Moscow, three people are you are arrested on charges of prostitution These four people face up to six years in prison.


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