Erdogan belatedly congratulates Joe Biden on his election victory and has a message for Donald Trump


Turkish President Recep Erdogan congratulated Joe Biden on winning last week’s presidential election, but also got a message for the incumbent president, whom he thanked for their warm friendship, The Hill and CNN reported.

Erdogan sent the message in a statement from the Turkish government. He says the Ankara executive is “determined to work closely with the US administration” in the coming days.

The Turkish leader also had a message for Donald Trump, whom he thanks for his “warm friendship”:

“In any case, the election result will be certified. I am grateful for your sincere and determined vision of developing Turkish-American relations based on our mutual interests and shared values ​​during your four-year presidential term,” Erdogan told Trump.

Most international leaders have already congratulated Biden and Harris on their victory in the US elections, with Erdogan being, to this day, one of the exceptions, along with other authoritarian leaders around the world, including Vladimir Putin and Xi. Jinping.

According to media reports, Democrat Joe Biden was elected 46th president of the United States, winning the election ahead of Donald Trump. Trump thus becomes the first incumbent president to lose a second term in 1992, when President George HW Bush lost to Bill Clinton.

Publisher: Adrian Dumitru


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