ERC. money is able to connect companies with cryptographic owners


2090 cryptocurrencies are listed on Coinmarketcap at the time of writing. According to the Cambridge study conducted with Visa last sprint, from 2.9 to 5.8 million active cryptocurrency holders. Steve Wozniak he is co-founder of a crypt-asset investment company. Alibaba and IBM have the largest number of blockchain patents in the world. Binance achieved more profit in Q2 2018 than Deutsche Bank. Even Katy Perry has painted her nails in Monero and Lightweight to come to you like a dark horse.

Criptovalute is the safest form of digital currency powered by an immutable, distributed and open source technology, Blockchain. So why the global financial system has not yet turned to cryptography? At least the e-commerce? The answer is that it takes time for innovation to go through the adaptation period and it takes innovation.

Business owners must be ready to accept. But they do not want to know all the latest forks and airdrops to process the transactions. That's why they choose Visa today. Because despite the fact that each transaction cost them from 3-5%, they work in an auto-magical way. Cryptographic payments are secure, but an average Bitcoin transaction speed can take up to 8 minutes. Some Ethereum transactions can take hours if the sender has not provided a lucrative amount of gas to the miners. Transaction fees continue to grow and the mining pools that have come into play in the early stages control the future of communities. Yes, the criptos are innovative but unless they solve real-world problems they will continue to be the currency of computer enthusiasts on Bitcoin Talk, drug dealers and merchants.

ECR.Money arrives to help real entrepreneurs embrace the future of financial communications. It was launched on January 1, 2018 to change the rules of the game in the world of encrypted digital payments.

"We are entrepreneurs too, we understand the Status Quo but we need a less painful system for safe international transactions, why launch another useless ICO or TGE, when we can simply take the real businesses and help them? Why should they pay monstrous fees for fast transactions? and sure if the technology is here and ready for use? This whole token that offers the rush to gold seems exaggerated to me. " – Dmitry Vasadin, Founder.

The ECR team has created a network with a bandwidth of 100 transactions per second. They plan to increase speed by responding to community growth. Every transaction is free Everyone is protected with a Skrypt encryption protocol. ECR.nodes could be launched on computers with only 1 GHz processing speed and 2 GB of RAM memory. Node owners only need to sign transactions to ensure trust in network deployment. Which means that the network can scale quickly. How many ECR coins were pre-mined. No coins will ever be issued So there is no competition for block premiums. offers entrepreneurs a practical tool to carry out daily transactions and open their doors to an audience of millions of active encrypted users.

You can create your first ECR cryptographic portfolio a Learn more about how to set up the ECR portfolio in this guide or check ECR White paper.

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