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EOS News – Bitrue adds four EOS pairs, including one based on XRP

ICON improves its launch plan of its public DLT ecosystem and prepares to launch its own decentralized controller to provide more liquidity to its IRC2 mainnet currencies


  • Initiative of the ICON dApp accelerator
  • ICON & # 39; s dex and DID

On Friday, January 18, the ICON platform team turned to its community through a post medium, announcing its plans for the near future. These include enhancing their strategy to increase the spread of their public DLT ecosystem. ICON also plans to improve its blockchain alliance program.

Following the current trend, ICON intends to launch its own decentralized exchange system (dex) and an identification system on its own decentralized platform and on the ICON public network within the first two quarters of 2019.

Initiative of the ICON dApp accelerator

Currently, ICON is looking for companies with which to start partnerships, considering those specialized in B2C and B2B. To this end, it has launched a new Loopchain Alliance program (ICON LAP100) and continues to use its global acceleration program (ICX Station). At the moment, the startup blockchain collaborates with over 30 companies in this sector. About 13 new partners have already joined ICON in 2019.

At present, there is no South Korean DLT platform as well as ICON, which is carrying out an acceleration program around the world, in particular the establishment of ICX stations in key locations such as Seoul, Singapore and San Francisco.

ICON already has a launch platform in Seoul that works on the basis of the Deblock VC company, which is an important company for the promotion of South Korea's dApp projects all over the world. Soon, ICON intends to also install a launchpad in Tokyo.

Through ICON LAP100, the company intends to realize DLT solutions focused on the company in collaboration with about 100 companies in a series of sectors, including payment services, biometric identification, issue of certificates, etc.

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ICON & # 39; s dex and DID

In the first half of 2019, ICON intends to launch decentralized exchange (dex), as well as its decentralized identification system (DID).

The company already has an operational portfolio, ICONex, which works with various cryptographic coins. It also has ICON Tracker, which performs the functions of a block explorer for ICON and tracks all transaction records on the blockchain.

The new dex will allow customers to exchange ICX and IRC2 coins (ICON token based on its main network) on a p2p basis. All operations on it will be performed via smart contracts. Apart from this, it is expected that the dex will provide the IRC2 coins with additional liquidity without being listed on third-party stock exchanges.

The new DID system that ICON intends to launch will work on a mobile app and will allow users to store and use their personal data without the interference of modern centralized systems. It will also protect user data against falsification and duplication.

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