EOS maintains first place in the last ranking of the Blockchain index in China


EOS maintained its first place in the last ranking of public blockchain projects released by the Chinese government. This last ranking is the fourth since the index debuted at the end of May 2018.

The rankings, developed by the Research Institute on the Development of Information & Communication Industry in China and by the China Software Testing Center, intend to create a scientific evaluation of the global public blockchain projects.

EOS completes Hattrick

For the third consecutive month, EOS has maintained the first place in the standings. The proof-of-stake delegate blockchain project (DPoS) cut off Ethereum after the first rankings were released to get the first place since June 2018. In addition to passing the rankings, EOS also took first place in the ranks. technological index.

EOS has suffered much controversy since its launch on the mainnet at the start of the year. The project had problems with bugs, problems with centralization and disagreement on the project's constitution. Block producers (BP) have been accused of holding too much energy in the network. Recently, the project has released the updated version of EOSIO 1.2.0 which boasts updates like MongoDB improvements.

Ethereum remains second

Like EOS, the Ethereum position remains unchanged from the July rating. Despite being the second in the ranking, Ethereum has the highest score in the Applicability Index. ETH narrowly reduced the NEO for the first place in that category by a difference of 0.1

Elsewhere, Bitcoin managed to climb higher in the rankings, going from sixteenth position to tenth position. Despite falling into ninth place, Bitcoin has the highest applicability index score of 40.3 with EOS and Ethereum which occupies the second and third in this respect. According to the convectors of the ranking, Bitcoin has the least developed technology that has the lowest score of 46.0 in the technology index.

The August rankings included two new projects: Tezos and NULS. Tezos, like EOS, has been plagued with numerous problems since its captivating ICO in 2017. The project debuted in 28th place with a weighted total score of 81.2. NULS, on the other hand, made its debut in 21st place with a score of 88.2

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