EOS finds Music Partner, Deloitte releases "Blockchain in a Box"

EOS finds Music Partner, Deloitte publishes & # 39; Blockchain in a Box & # 39; 101
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While many blockchain projects, involving major banks, stock exchanges and technology companies, have not gone beyond the testing phase, almost every day new blockchain announcements show that the sector is not giving up. This time, we found EOS e Deloitte In the news.

It seems that EOS, a blockchain project, has found a new partner in the world of music streaming.

EOS Alliance co-founder Brock Pierce confirmed, according to a report by the South Korean news agency NSP, that the alliance would "provide a range of business acumen and support" for the South Korean-owned Chinese service Soribada.

Soribada says he is developing an international music distribution platform, based on EOS, based on blockchain and AI. The streaming service will work with the cloud portfolio solution provider CoinPayments to build the platform.

Soribada was once known as South Korea's answer Napster, but changed its business model to provide legal music streaming and downloads in the late 2000s, eventually becoming one of the largest music platforms in the country.

In 2016 it was acquired by Shanghai ISPC, an affiliate of both Shanghai municipal government and the Ministry of Commerce of the central government.

Meanwhile, an audit firm Deloitte has released a blockchain demonstration kit called "Blockchain in a Box" (BIAB). The kit is designed to help blockchain startups showcase their products and solutions to potential customers and investors.

The company states that its new product, which includes four computing nodes, three video displays and network components, is a "mobile and autonomous technology platform capable of hosting blockchain-based solutions".

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Deloitte also states that BIAB "will allow integration with external services, such as traditional cloud technology".

The nodes have SD compatibility, which, according to the company, will allow BIAB users to conduct "rapid selection and exchange of demo solutions".

Deloitte says the kit will help "demystify" the blockchain for customers through "tangible" demonstrations.

Linda Pawczuk, leader of Deloitte's blockchain in the United States, said, according to a press release from the company,

"What is often misunderstood about the blockchain is that it is a complete technological solution. In fact, it is a technological component that allows larger applications and business approaches."

However, as reported in July, a review of 33 projects involving large companies announced in the last four years and interviews with more than a dozen executives involved with them show that the technology has yet to deliver on its promise.

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