EOS (EOS) involvement, news / development and forecast of future price


EOS Story – Choice of Investments and Support

It all started with an offer of $ 4 billion advanced that developers behind the platform – Block.one has started. The fifth largest cryptocurrency for writing time by market capitalization is very often the center of the bitcoin centric cryptocurrency ecosystem with news and development flows.

Long before the cryptocurrency phenomenon spread to oil stain, Peter Thiel was already famous for his investment choices. His $ 500,000 investment on Facebook became a post-IPO fortune and he had a hand in big names like SpaceX, AirBnB. Subsequently an important support from Mr. Thiel went to the platform mentioned above.

Its latest allocation and transition to EOS may reflect a serious directional change in the strategy, and investors should take note. With the promise of building a better and more scalable protocol for the blockchain, EOS showcases real competition for the contenders.

Development and recent news

EOS has maintained its first place in the latest ranking of public blockchain projects released by the Chinese Government Quest This is the fourth ranking since the index debuted at the end of May 2018.

For the third consecutive month, EOS has maintained its first place in the standings. The proof-of-stake delegate blockchain project (DPoS) cut off Ethereum after the first rankings were released to get the first place since June 2018. In addition to passing the rankings, EOS also took first place in the ranks. technological index.

 Evaluation platform EOS

Under the news of ETF bitcoin, Ripple [at its time] and Stellar listed on Coinbase, EOS is slowly but surely attracting DApps (decentralized applications) that were initially on the Ethereum platform and how to change the minds of anyone planning to develop on ETH.

In a tweet a few hours ago @MeetDotOne – a handle and an EOS-centric twitter page – brought to our attention the list of DApps now available on the EOS platform. The tweet was as follows:

Forecast / Future Forecast [19659002] At the moment, the EOS / USD pair is recording the highest gain in the last 24 hours for the top 10 coins. With this, the token is fighting backed by the bulls to stay above the greater $ 5.00 since it is trading $ 5.03 for writing time. However, bears are saying the most, so we look forward to seeing short-term results that are very dependent on this moment.

The EOS token has already generated 10 times the profits from its ICO and is expected to grow significantly as development continues. If you are looking for a solid blockchain project to invest, EOS can definitely be an excellent choice.

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