EOS Airdrop – What is it and when will it arrive?



Although 2018 has been almost constantly bearish, many cryptocurrencies have nevertheless managed to make some very important moves. EOS is certainly one of these, and this year will be marked forever in EOS history as the year in which cryptography launched its MainNet.

Although this was a highly anticipated event, it was successfully retired in June. Since then, EOS has worked hard to make its network bigger, better and more reliable. The same applies to its community, which has already benefited greatly from numerous EOS airdrop events in recent months.

However, the excitement is not over yet, and the EOS airdrop list still contains quite a few events that should not be lost by proponents and coin holders.

What is the EOS airdrop?

For those who may not know, an airdrop is an event during which an encrypted project distributes its coins to its users. Events have become very popular, since the coins are distributed for free and can be obtained without paying or exchanging other encrypted ones.

This is considered among the best marketing strategies for each crypt. Loyal users can see it as a reward for their support, while it is not uncommon for these events to attract new users who are actually expanding the money community. With increased awareness, EOS airdrop events can also help drive widespread currency adoption.

The launches are often performed by various projects under development on the specific coin network. These can include new dApps, platforms and even decentralized exchanges. By releasing coins to coin holders, these projects are spreading awareness and are gaining more supporters and users.

What are the EOS launches that can be expected soon?

As mentioned, EOS airdrop events have become increasingly popular, especially in recent months. July, August and September have already had numerous events of this kind, which have dropped a large amount of EOS token.

This, of course, will continue in the coming months and the EOS community looks forward to their arrival. At the time of writing, there are some launches that have already been scheduled, with many more that still have to specify the date and time of the events.

These include launches from a MORE portfolio, from the Chinese block block producer EOSpace, from an EOSBet gaming portal, from a GiveyNation fundraiser and more. An event that has been scheduled months in advance is the launch of CADEOS. CADEOS is a decentralized CAD file and a platform dedicated to project management. It aims to enable users to manage their projects more efficiently and easily, and to share and edit CAD files directly on the platform. The CADEOS launch is scheduled for December 12 of this year.

While the number of scheduled launches is currently limited to CADEOS airdrop alone, this should not discourage EOS owners. As mentioned earlier, there are many others who have yet to provide an official launch date. Yet, sooner or later they will arrive, and EOS fans should stay tuned and keep an eye on the official announcements of these events.

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