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Because the coinage through the Enjin coin makes the games exceptionally well made, it's something we all thought after its launch last year. The concept was surprising, but the players were still lost on the fact that the creation of games in this decentralized way could lead to any satisfaction.

But after digging a bit, we were able to understand how it works and why it is necessary that the games are made in this way, everything makes sense and if you want to save the verse of games, then you too, friend my, you must know and understand the status quo and the threat.

The threat to our wonderful game world is that with the countless blockchain games that interrupt the gaming industry it is highly possible that most games fail and space becomes a desolate land of badly received blockchain failures. There's no way to help you figure out what makes a good game, whether we need another collectible card game or if a game will succeed. There is no intelligence and there is an excess of stupid ideas. But Enjin is really working to solve and correct.

Articles created using the Enjin development platform are supported by Enjin Coin (ENJ). The currency is different and its purpose is to sift and improve. This will help to filter the good from evil and have a goodness threshold before a game can be launched. This is done with the help of simple platform features:

Guaranteed value: The articles supported by ENJ have a guaranteed basic value. Fans know that they can retrieve the Enjin coin from their items at any time using the "Melt" feature in the Enjin Wallet.

Authenticity certificate: L & # 39; ENJ kept within the resources shows their provenance and certifies their compatibility with the Enjin ecosystem.

Hyper inflation: If everyone can create endless digital resources, how do you prevent the oversupply of goods back to their value?

Other important features include the scarcity of digital articles, Tangibility, the Gold Standard, and the ability to dissolve coins and reduce risk for investors, developers and players alike. This changes everything.

This increases confidence in resources and confidence in the projects that offer them. As existing assets are dissolved, scarcity will increase over time, thereby reducing the supply of assets and increasing demand. This is a big step in the right direction for automatic blockchain correction and to keep the creators of video games on autopilot that lead to better exit strategies while keeping the ecosystem healthy and clean for new games without boring people.

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