Enigma release of the "Discovery" protocol on Ethereum Mainnet


Engima, the startup that seeks to bring privacy into the world of public blockchain, is delaying the launch of its mainnet as part of a broader reworking of its development roadmap.

The company had previously planned to implement its "Discovery" protocol on the live ethereum network or "mainnet" – launched on a "testnet" ethereum during the summer – by the end of the third quarter. According to a post published Thursday, the plan has changed in the interest of building the Enigma ecosystem and continuing to work with the project stakeholders.

"We decided to extend our initial timing and focus on working with our partners to grow our ecosystem, expand Enigma's capabilities and build secret contracts," the team wrote. "It is important to stress that we will continue to focus on the acquisition and acquisition of new launch partners from today and on a mainnet – and you can stay tuned for more news on this front."

When he reached the comment, Tor Bair, the head of Engima growth and marketing, reiterated this reasoning, telling CoinDesk:

"From my point of view, the decision to delay a mainnet version means that we will be able to reaching our long-term mission faster than supporting the global adoption of dApp. is by no means a delay – it is actually an acceleration towards our primary mission: it means we are building a healthier ecosystem and bigger before, it is an easy business decision and a difficult communication. "

Bair also criticized the attention on the deadlines, claiming that" the dates make speculation ".

"Honestly, the dependency on" when mainnet "is not healthy for protocols – it's like asking for quarterly earnings from public companies, except that we're an early startup and have to send a high risk code instead of revealing a budget ", Bair continued to write. "We do not intend to send something without immediate adoption and we want to minimize the risks for projects that will depend on us."

The Enigma roadmap is notable for its complexity, with several "mainnet" launches planned over the next couple of years. Discovery will mark a milestone in the implementation of the "secret contracts" of Enigma on the live ethereum network. Secret contracts, contrary to normal smart contracts, hide the data they are processing, potentially allowing decentralized applications to handle sensitive personal data such as financial and medical information.

Last month, Enigma exclusively revealed to CoinDesk eight launch partners who were planning to distribute Enigma's secret contracts after the launch of Discovery.

Discovery represents an intermediate step towards the final objectives of Enigma, however, with the later versions – "Voyager", "Valiant" and "Defiant", each with its own testnet and mainnet phases – incorporating technology such as computation to more parties, further decentralizing the Enigma protocol, allowing it to scale more effectively and transferring it to its blockchain.

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