Employees of Ethereum's Blockchain team and staff focused on Ethereum comment on dismissal issues


Consent to dismiss 13% of his staff, employees comment on the problem

It has been recently revealed that the blockchain firm, ConsenSys has decided to lay off 13% of the staff (of 1200 employees). A town hall composed of chat registers between the CEO, Joseph Lubin and the administrator as well as the employees was shared in a Coin Desk report and since then many mixed reactions have been expressed (https: // www. coindesk.com/consensys-town-hall- personal-shock-at-ethereums-great-boot shows).

According to Lubin, the decision to make such a move reflects the need to "restructure the priorities" of the company.

Some of the comments that employees Since then they have expressed doubts about how much time is left or interesting, if it is right to renounce their work to recover the lost jobs of colleagues that the former consider appropriate.

While the employees continue to ask questions the administrator, it seems that the answers are kept under cover to ensure that the current problem is dealt with internally. As for the startups that will see cuts, it is not clear what they are for the moment, but it has been shared by Lubin that a key decisive factor will be "financial stability."

By scanning through the comments, it was clear that the employees expected something like this to happen, considering the speed with which ConsenSys grew over time. An employee commented:

"At some point this was going to happen, but we did not expect change so fast, adding that this may have been driven by the current ETH price, which is about $ 88 USD per piece."

Another possible reason for layoffs it has been considered as the possible outflow of money in the form of revenue and not so much as revenue.

For the moment, there seems to be an inconvenience between employer and employees and it is clear that this is due to the lack of communication!

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