Elon Musk’s April Fool’s joke has now become a fluid reality


Is there no time now?

What started out as an April Fool’s Day in April 2018 has now grown into a solid product. Tesla sells a limited number of Tequila Anejo developed for the manufacturer.

It was actually intended as a joke: in April 2018, Elon Musk posted a photo of him on his Twitter account. This should show him in a seemingly intoxicated state, kicked off and leaning against a Tesla. As he did so, he was holding a Tesla-branded piece of cardboard box with “Broke” written on it with a thick pen.

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An April Fool with substance

In the tweet, he wrote about himself in the third person: “Elon was found unconscious leaning against a Model 3. He was surrounded by empty Teslaquila bottles. You could still see the traces of dry tears on her face. “

It should be tweets like this that would later get Musk into trouble with the US Securities and Exchange Commission. This ultimately led to Musk being no longer allowed to tweet anything relevant to the share price.

In April 2018, there was no talk yet, so the idea of ​​a Teslaquila took on a life of its own in the fan community. Musk himself apparently liked the idea too and from then on he worked on a sustainably produced alcohol brand as a side project.

A little over two years later, US customers can actually purchase Tesla Tequila on a subsection of Tesla’s website. The name Teslaquila could not be used because apparently someone else had already secured the name.

Tesla Tequila: organic agaves and French oak

Fans won’t mind, after all, the Tesla Tequila alliteration sounds almost as good. Tequila Tesla is traditionally made with agaves, which in Tesla’s case come naturally from organic farming.

The drink with a 40 percent alcohol content is sold in a handcrafted bottle that is based on the volt symbol and has a 750mm capacity. Sales are online only, so there are strict restrictions on how the product can be shipped. The price is $ 250 per bottle.

Tesla Tequila is a licensed product

Tesla Tequila is produced by the Californian manufacturer Nosotros Tequila. They sell their productions in the double-digit price segment via their website. Tesla Tequila’s specialty – and thus a justification for the extremely high price – is said to have matured for another four months in French oak barrels.

Small drawback: Tesla doesn’t deliver tequila to Germany.

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