Elliott Wave Crypto Trader shares why Tron is one of the most profitable cryptocurrencies

Why-could-Tron-be-One-of-the-Most Valuable - Cryptocurrencies

There are many Tron enthusiasts (TRX) who believe that this cryptocurrency would be one of the most precious coins on the market. And this is certainly something very plausible. According to a user of TradingView, Intuit, Tron could be one of the most profitable cryptos ever.

In one post, he said that Tron has several technical models that would make it one of the most profitable currencies of the next year.

The article begins by explaining that there are three different in price and a difference in time between adjacent waves. Then he says that since the main trends are related, Tron has finally found a fund. Next, there will be a bull market similar to what we experienced in December 2017.

If that happened, Tron would be one of the most profitable cryptocurrencies next year.

Furthermore, he says that the negative media and the bear market have already shaken weak hands from the market. In addition, it has an important team behind it and works to offer excellent products and services, and has already acquired major companies such as BitTorrent.

Intuit then says that one of the companies intending to integrate Tron, Peiwo, has already been supported by the Chinese government. This is very positive because it allows them to have special access to government funding and resources. In addition, Justin Sun has several contacts in the industry, including Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba, which could integrate its platform with Tron in the near future.

In another paragraph, the trading expert cited some technical aspects of the cryptocurrency. Some of these were the amount of transactions per second that it can handle and the virtual machine that made it easy for Ethereum developers to work within the Tron ecosystem.

Resizing problems are a difficult topic for Bitcoin and for Ethereum, but not for Tron, which has been specifically designed to fit easily. This problem of downsizing will affect Bitcoin, according to Intuit. Several people would move to other virtual currencies that could end up being much larger than Bitcoin itself in terms of market capitalization.

At the end of his job, he attacks the fiat currencies saying that they would not be able to compete against cryptocurrencies due to the fact that they are inflationary currencies. Instead, digital resources are deflationary and users would start using and saving with them rather than with US dollars or other legal currencies.

By the way, he cited:

"Compared to most criptos, dollars have extremely limited use cases, and we will easily see the best encrypted in taking the dollar in market capitalization (20T`) in the coming years."

At the time of writing, Tron is the 13th most precious virtual currency on the market. It has a market capitalization of $ 1.36 billion and each currency can be purchased for $ 0.02 dollars.

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