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Electroneum (ETN), VeChain (VET), Docademic (MTC): what the future of these coins says – Today & # 39; s Gazette

It is not an ironic insight that the future of cryptographic currencies has been swooping since the start of 2018. Investors and Hodlers were disappointed by the trend of events, as the lights green areas of 2017 were not reflected in the year. Rather, the red light dragged many of the coins. At the start of 2019, analysts return to the drawing board. The futuristic trend of cryptocurrencies is at the center of attention, and there are spotlights on Electroneum (ETN), VeChain (VET) and Docademic (MTC).

Electroneum (ETN) is climbing the ladder

Bitcoin (BTC) was the standard for cryptocurrencies. From the invention of altcoins, but its glory seems to be falling at the moment. Electroneum (ETN) is a vital currency that has made steady progress on the scale of cryptocurrencies. At present, the 16-month currency is among the top 100 coins in the market capitalization table.

What pushes the coin? Looking at what the future has to say about money, it is important to realize that it fills a gap. Bitcoins (BTC) decreased after the Ripple cross-border solutions (XRP) came out. In the same vein, Electroneum (ETN) is changing the game with the concept of mobile mining. This development allows you to easily extract the ETN token after installing the coin's mobile app, unlike mining, rigorous, expensive and that consumes BTC's energy.

Although it is far from the first 10 ciphered coins, the ETN has been a great challenge for table top toppers, and has the framework to conquer the place in a few months. A close look at the start and steady progress in less than two (2) years of launch shows that the currency is futuristic.

In addition, the PR team's advertising also helped its fortunes. While the blockchain community awaits the market recovery and the fourth blockchain, Electroneum (ETN) can become a model for encrypted extraction.

As such, ETN it may soon turn on the end of the tunnel.

VeChain (VET) is gaining fame

The second quarter of 2018 saw VeChain (VEN) rebranding VeChain Thor (VET). Shortly thereafter, he joined the company with the BMW carmaker. In addition, it also collaborates with the University of Oxford for further development of the platform.

Countless retail stores have adopted the technology offered by the cryptographic project to monitor their good and observe the authenticity of other products.

Vechain (VET) is currently aware of the flow with partnerships and listings from reputable companies around the world. Recently, three major wine producers in Italy have adopted a blockchain solution, MY Story, developed in collaboration with Vechain (VET) and DNVGL to let customers know the history of each wine.

The future does not seem to be depressing for money as more mergers will come. For example, the IFP has found its way into Coinnest, a South Korean cryptocurrency exchange.

Docademic (MTC) disrupts the medical industry

Docademic (MTC), an ICO with health care is changing the face of the medical industry. Curaizon offers a similar solution. However, Docademic helps a patient keep his medical history safe on the blockchain network.

Futuristic currency trends are not in a competition. A well-known visionary crypt, John McAfee shows interest in the currency, issuing statements in favor of money because of the power of Docademic, the feasibility and the case of use of the real world.

Docademic (MTC) it is already on sale on vital cryptographic exchanges such as IDEX and HiBTC. The most fascinating feature of the currency are the unidentifiable IDs for patients enrolling in the network. Furthermore, Docademic allows patients to access treatments guided by A.I.

The coin blockchain also allows patients to store their data and retrieve them without problems. Because they would think of a shady future for such a highly decorated cryptographic project.

The future is bright

The number of altcoins is over 2,000. Out of this lot, the coins that are most profitable have applications in the real world. Docademic (MTC) repositions the medical industry and helps patients receive real-time medical care. For its part, Electroneum (ETN) reduces coin acquisition problems. Users can extract from their mobile devices.

Finally, VeChain (VET) solutions are transposing the IoT industry. There are rumors that multiple IoT devices will become public domain later in 2019. When it enters into force, VeChain (VET) will have more use cases to verify, so it will never be expected.

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