Electricity: the platform for switching suppliers is no longer in the hands of the EDP group


It was the missing step: starting this Saturday, all processes for the change of electricity supplier will use an exclusive platform of the Logistics Operator for Change of Supplier (OLMC), instead of using the EDP Distribuição (future E – Networks).

In a statement, the Energy Services Regulatory Authority (ERSE) announced that from 7 November “normal supplier switching activities in the electricity sector will resume, starting from the exclusive platform of OLMC, with the strengthening of the conditions of transparency and transparency. equidistance of this operation, to the benefit of consumers “.

The regulator also indicated that this week there were constraints in the management of the contract amendment processes, due to the migration procedures from the EDP Distribuição platform to the OLMC, which is now managed by Adene – Agência para Energia, an association under private law, but where most of the shares are held by state bodies (such as the Directorate General for Energy and LNEG).

“As a result of this complex but necessary transition of platforms, there are delays in the implementation of the change of supplier, which has been minimized. However, ERSE has established that mechanisms to respond to urgent and critical situations are implemented during this period of 5 days in which automated procedures could not be available, “says the regulator’s statement.

For years, the fact that switching logistics was handled by an EDP group company was viewed with suspicion by some market vendors competing with EDP, who complained of difficulties in signing new contracts.

OLMC also manages to switch natural gas suppliers, in which case it already operated an exclusive platform.

This management of supplier exchanges is covered by electricity tariffs for an annual fee of approximately 1 million euros, which OLMC receives to cover its costs.

Consumers of electricity and natural gas pay nothing every time they change supplier, being able to switch as many times as they want and, to this end, they only have to contract the supply with their new supplier, without the need to notify or resolve the contract with that. they want to leave (as this is the responsibility of the OLMC).

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