Egyptian doctor announces good news about Corona vaccines


Dr. Abdel-Latif Al-Murr, a professor of public health at Zagazig University, commented on the decision to produce vaccines from Pfizer and to provide vaccination in Egypt. He stressed that the vaccination achieved by the company “is nothing more than a light at the end of a tunnel”.

In a telephone interview with the “This Morning” program broadcast on the satellite channel “EXTRA NEWS”, Murr said that the second wave of the Corona virus has begun in most countries of the world. He explained that Egypt is now at the end of the first wave.

He added that in the next period either the first wave will be extended or what is known as the “second wave” will come. But the second wave will most likely occur due to the onset of winter and the increase in respiratory diseases.

He explained that the danger of the Corona virus lies in the next three months. Additionally, Pfizer vaccine is not available in Egypt due to global marketing. And also the “Oxford” vaccination, but only Russian and Chinese vaccinations are available.

It confirmed the presence of 11 vaccines in the final stages, which will be announced in the next period. He explained that the emergence of the Corona virus prompted major pharmaceutical companies to participate in a tender to issue the vaccine and vaccinate Pfizer. He pointed out that more than 140 companies are participating in this competition and that 3 or 4 vaccinations have reached the final stages.

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