Efforts to push Litecoin (LTC) to $ 400 under way, says Charlie Lee


The cryptocurrency expert and founder of Litecoin, Charlie Lee, revealed that he is doing everything in his ability to push the price of Litecoin (LTC) to $ 400, claiming that soon the altcoin will reach a much higher level high price of all time $ 375.29, which subsequently plummeted by 50% in January 2017.

Mr. Charlie in a conversation on Twitter after some critics went down on his wall to complain about the state of the currency whose current price is $ 83, he stressed that the mission of the Litecoin Foundation is to make Litecoin progress for the good of society, has affirmed that the foundation has nothing to do with price, enjoining anyone to create a foundation that can help raise the price of LTC.

Lately, Litecoin has collapsed, observers say that the entire cryptocurrency market has faced the decline in the mantra value, however that of Litecoin has been so drastic and the currency shows no sign of improvement.

However, the founder of the heritage of the alternative protocol that has similar technology with Bitcoin has consoled cryptocurrency lovers with reassuring words, declaring that Litecoin will soon return to an appreciable point.

He tweeted:

"I'm doing my best to bring LTC to $ 400, so people like you will crap me all the time." "Who left LTC?"

Charlie, convicted of having forgotten the currency, has signed a partnership with TokenPay that has brought the Litecoin Foundation, an independent entity, to gain a free 9.9% stake in WEG Bank based in Germany.

After acquiring the participation, Charlie commented:

"The best case is that with this bank we are able to create and provide cryptographic solutions such as debit cards, merchant processing and other innovative solutions, but even with an interest and an influence on the bank, it is not guaranteed that Successful people have raised valid concerns that we still have to work with and be endorsed by players in current financial systems like Visa and SWIFT, but we certainly have more chances of success now that we have a stake in a bank with bank licenses. "

Charlie, known for criticizing ICO, has entered into a partnership with TokenPay, a cryptocurrency company that is also involved in the anti-ICO campaign launched by Charlie Lee.

Surprisingly, Mr. Lee, after the partnership, praised TokenPay for the sale of TPAY tokens, emphasizing that "they did not escape with their funds".

Derivatives Bitcoin Trader and analyst, Tone Vays, criticized Charlie Lee for the same reason, pointing out that he was involved in a TokenPay supported by the ICO.

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