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Early Crypto Investor, Bitcoin Jesus & Take On IPFS, Coin.dance and Coinbase

Early Crypto Investor, Bitcoin Jesus & Take On IPFS, Coin.dance and Coinbase

The long scrambled winter seems to be over and it seems there are glimpses of a bullish run at the horizon.

Now, the central figures in the cryptographic ecosystem are coming and giving their opinion on their project because they want to ride the positive feelings of the market. Recently, Roger Ver, a supporter of BCH spoke with the media executives of his company Bitcoin.com.

He talked about recent progress and events around Bitcoin Cash. For starters, he talked about coin.dance. Dance of the coin it was founded with the aim of giving the bitcoin community an easy way to access important cryptocurrency statistics.

In other words, Dance of the coin is trying to democratize bitcoins while preserving one of its central principles: bitcoin should not be managed by a central authority. It was built to be a decentralized currency. Ver said:

"The Bitcoin Cash network has been updated! 5461 blocks have been extracted according to the new consensus rules!" Bitcoin Cash currently has a 20.4% lead in terms of job testing, Bitcoin Cash currently has 54 blocks ahead. "

They then discussed on Open swap, which is a fork of electronic money exchange on Bitcoin Cash. They discussed how this function played a role in the recent bullish rise in money. He added:

"As an encrypted company, it's important to create capabilities that allow people to take advantage of the unique attributes of cryptocurrency, which is why we're starting to implement a new feature called Convert, which customers can use to convert a cryptocurrency into another."

They then discussed a new protocol called the InterPlanetary File System or IPFS.

The Bitcoin Files platform has recently added IPFS support working with the Protocol Labs project. IPFS, otherwise known as Inter-planetary file system, is a protocol designed to make the Internet much more distributed by creating a peer-to-peer network of hypermedia addressable by content.

The cryptocurrency projects have used the IPFS protocol for quite some time including platforms like the Openbazaar market. Organizations based on digital resources that use the IPFS system within their products and applications believe that the protocol adds a better form of general decentralization.

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