Duque in Cartagena: you need to speed up the race of the rain canals: Duque in Cartagena | Cartagena


The President of the Republic, Iván Duque, was in the city of Cartagena to evaluate the emergencies presented by the passage of hurricane IOTA in the last few hours. The president visited the skirts by La Popa, one of the sectors most affected by rainfall, where it announced housing improvements for communities living in the area.

Then him The Head of State led a unified command post in the company of Mayor William Dau, where actions to tackle disasters and help more than 155 thousand victims.

Duque announced that the national government, with the support of the housing ministry and the deputy water ministry, will help speed up the bidding process for storm sewer or storm channels with the aim of solving the floods that occur in the city.

“It is necessary to speed up the offer process of the so-called storm channels, in this the team of the ministry of housing and the deputy ministry of water is committed to bringing a technical team to allow not only to size its feasibility, but that we can proceed in the year 2021 for this race. This allows us to solve a structural problem, “he said.

Likewise, he also stated that he will accelerate with the race of the megaproject for coastal protection against erosion events that can become a headache for Cartagena.

Duque confirmed the delivery of 10 thousand packages of aid for the victims, including food kits, hygiene and assistance.

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