Dubai company to launch the first third-generation blockchain


Dubai has launched a new iteration of blockchain and an accompanying cryptocurrency.

The people behind Hetachain, Relam Investment of Dubai owned by the local businessman Sultan Ali Rashed Lootah, claim that it represents the third generation of blockchain technology; if Bitcoin was the first and Ethereum, with its smart contracts, the second, Hetachain is trying to prove its role as a third, with a much higher transaction processing speed, greater security and, as a result of both, a innovative scalability.

The etachain was designed both as a public and private blockchain and incorporates hybrid technologies from the blockchain world to enhance the potential of space.

Incorporates Delegate Participation Proof (DPoS) – a democratic system that seeks to eliminate overbearing miners who currently use cryptos such as BitShares and Steem – and Byzantine Error Tolerance (BFT) to provide greater flexibility and industrial-scale transactions .

"We are leading the whole world into a new ecosystem," says Sultan Ali Lootah, president and CEO of Hetachain.

"The etachain will be your activator, your company, your business and your social life.It is designed to be a diverse ecosystem that crosses various sectors such as finance, healthcare, retail, trade and transport , and it will always be updated with the changes that take place in our societies.The ecosystem is equipped with a blockchain 3.0 technology and through it we will provide our intelligent contracts, HetaCoin, Heta Wallet and other technologies. "

With the subsequent launch of HetaCoin, scheduled for 2019, it is hoped that this will allow greater adoption of blockchain technology.

"An ICO is a very exciting business that allows people to invest in unique opportunities such as Hetachain, ICO Hetachain will support and fully involve companies and people who will positively change the world. # 39; time to work with revolutionary influencers and destructors, "said Norman Khan, co-founder of Hetachain.

The launch of Dubai will be followed by launches in Istanbul and then in London.

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