Dr. Ana Gligi: “The crown will remain forever in nature, there will be a great vaccine race” VIDEO


The third wave of the coronavirus outbreak, according to the data, is much stronger than the previous two. The number of infected is increasing day by day, and experts warn that at this time the most important thing is to adhere to protective measures.

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Photo: printscreen / Prima TV

Photo: printscreen / Prima TV

What are the possible scenarios for the pandemic, how far are we from mass vaccination or collective immunity? Dr. Ana Gligi, virologist, who in 1972 was at the head of the team for the fight against smallpox, spoke of all this in 150 minutes on Prva TV.

“Since it is a virus belonging to the group of naturally occurring viral infections, we can expect to have it in nature. The conditions must be met for it to be transmitted to humans, either through natural contact or some intermediate vector, which means that the virus changes from one to the other transmitter and mutates, as it seems to be happening now, “Dr. Gligi began.

As he says, we must first get some kind of vaccine, with good and proven properties. Which is not harmful and which is not a toxin. These vaccines are stored in a specific way, but in all likelihood, immunity does not last too long, because they are not stored according to the classical vaccine system.

He also pointed out that immunity to such vaccines can last about a year, up to a year and a half. Their main task is to stop the pandemic and in the meantime develop classes of vaccines with lifelong immunity.

The phaser vaccine is reportedly 90% effective and the Russian Sputnik V is over 92%. How can we be wise in choosing what is best for people?

“We absolutely have to remember these institutions and their quality of work in the past. I think there will be a big rush and that we will not apply these vaccines before the new year, because we have to do our research. And that we can get it faster,” says the dr. Gligi.

Photo: Depositphotos / Surabky

Photo: Depositphotos / Surabky

“I don’t think there are any health problems for people with current vaccines, because they are made on a harmless adenovirus. The part that will stimulate the human body to produce antibodies was taken exactly,” he explained.

He pointed out that this is now “the beginning of an epidemic in a pandemic” and he doesn’t expect it to last long – it may take another two weeks at most before the number of infected people starts to decline again.

Is it possible to pay for mutations in a crown?

“It is possible, everything is possible … It is possible to recombine in nature between coronaviruses. Everything is studied, but I always say that infections like this are very difficult to deliver, and even more difficult to eradicate”, says Dr.

Eventually, he stressed that we must be careful and adhere to these measures, to weed out the crown sooner.

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